Everyday Hero Of The Week: Ed Brunner of West Seneca, NY

The first hero for 2015 is Ed Brunner of West Seneca, NY, who came to the rescue of a truck driver traveling though Cheektowaga, NY.

Larry Coulter had been driving along the westbound I-90 freeway when he blew a tire, causing his dump truck full of stone gravel to careen into a guard rail.  The rail punctured the truck’s fuel tank, and whiten moments the truck was overturned and engulfed in flames.  Attempts to kick out the windows of the cab were in vain and Coulter “just kept thinking it was the end.”

But whiten moments Ed Burner pulled in front of the wreck got out of his car, and began to smash the glass with stones he found nearby.  He damaged the window enough that Coulter was able to kick his way out and escape the flames.

““He was my guardian angel that day,” Coulter said. That truck was engulfed in flames, it was just unbelievable. I was very, very, very, lucky. If he wouldn’t have been able to break that glass, I would have died. He saved my life today. I owe him eternal gratitude.”

Like any great everyday hero, Burner tried to refuse the title saying “I did it because I saw another man who needed my help. God put me there for a reason. Thankfully I was able to break the window.”

For the full story and a video of the fire, see the article by Mark Belcher of News 4 Digital in Buffalo, NY. http://wavy.com/2015/03/17/daring-rescue-saves-driver-of-burning-truck/

Brunner was later honored by The Erie County Legislature and as presented with a County Proclamation recognizing his heroism.