Everyday Hero Of The Week: Gul Nabi of Vienna, VA

Gul Nabi, sanitation and maintenance worker in Vienna, VA, recently interrupted his day to potentially save the life of a neighbor in need.

Jane Evans had just left her home in search of immediate help after beginning to choke on daily pill when Nabi, who was passing on a trash route, noticed Evans and knew something was wrong.  He went to Evans’s aid, performed CPR, and found a neighbor to assist Evans further.  According to Evans “He recognized the problem, he knew what to do and he did it, not worrying whether he’s going to get sued down the road He saw somebody in distress and helped them.  I think that’s admirable in today’s society.”

After potentially saving a life, Nabi simply returned to work, seeking no recognition or reward for his efforts: a perfect representation of the values of an Everyday Hero.  Evans later brought the story to the attention of her co-workers and even called Vienna Town Hall to praise Nabi’s efforts, which brought the story to light.

We are very pleased to recognize the heroic efforts of Gui Nabi and name him our Every Day hero of the week.  We would also like to recognize the Town of Vienna, VA, Public Works Agency for a policy of training workers in emergency procedures.

MacYou can find a full write up and initial breaking of the Story with NBC Washington’s local Northern Virginia news.