Everyday Hero Of The Week: Nadirah Muhammad

The goal of any good teacher is to enrich the lives of students and prepare them for their future.   For most educators, this duty begins and ends in the schoolhouse. But for Detroit Public Schools health teacher Nadirah Muhammad,  enriching the life of one of her students went far beyond her normal duties.

A’Ja Booth, a student in Mrs. Muhammad’s dance class, was a kidney patient undergoing intense dialysis

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.  She was badly in need of a Kidney transplant, but in a long line to find a compatible donor.   When Mrs. Muhammad spotted a book A’Ja was writing about her treatments, she quietly acted the hero.

After volunteering herself as a donor and allowing doctors to make sure they were a match, Mrs. Muhammad had her kidney removed at Henry Ford Hospital and transplanted into A’Ja at Children’s Hospital of Michigan.  When asked about her incredible act of selflessness,  Nadirah Muhammad, who is also a mother, said  “This is what we do as teachers.  I did not do it for the accolades. I saw a human being in need and if it were my child, I’d want someone to step forward and help him.”

Muhammad did not even want to tell her story, but was convinced to share by her School’s principle, who hoped it would inspire others to give more to and be selfless.  When asked about her teachers actions, A’Ja said “Mrs. Muhammad did not want a lot of publicity, but I told her we have to tell this story. People just don’t do this. I myself would be hesitant. … I’m just so grateful to be principal of a school of educators who love children unconditionally the way Mrs. Muhammad does.”

Mrs. Muhammed literally gave part of herself to help someone in need.  And, she did so with awe inspiring humility, as if it were simply a duty of being human. She is a perfect example of an Every Day Hero and we are excited to help help share her story.




Find the full story at The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/detroit-city/2015/05/19/detroit-student-gets-kidney-teacher/27593299/