Everyday Hero Of The Week: John Borgreen of Great Falls, Montana

After years of active overseas military service and hard work to support his family, one Montana man was finally able to take a well earned retirement.  But, unlike most who take the opportunity to spend their new found freedom on themselves and their families, John Borgreen has dedicated himself to bettering the lives of children through charity work and sustainable hunting education.

Borgreen initially came to Camp Francis, a bereavement camp for children, after his stepdaughter Jenny died in a flash flood in New Mexico.  He was so inspired by the kids at the camp that he continued to return to help even after his own family ordeal had passed. Now considered a “grandpa” to several of the kids who attend the camp, he has become a fixture, and an integral part of helping local children recover from serious hardship. But, in true Everyday Hero form, he has not stopped there.

A longtime member of the Russell Country Sportsmen group, Borgreen has advocated with members of the Montana Wildlife Federation and the Montana Sportsmen Alliance to keep public land and stream access open to the public.  Now, due to Borgreen’s work with both groups, the Sportsman club has been able to integrate kids from Camp Francis into their Youth Hunting program, which takes kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to do it on hunting trips.  He estimates he’s taken 15 to 20 kids on hunting trips.  While they do not always come home with a deer or elk, they always return smiling.

“It’s fantastic,” Borgreen said

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Truly John Borgreen is a man who had given himself to helping others.  After a lifetime of working his butt off (and coaching his son’s hockey team), he has decided to spend his retirement in the service of his community and of those in need.  We are very proud to call him an Everyday Hero.
In addition, John Borgreen was named a Hometown Hero by The Great Falls Tribune.  You can see the full story here: http://www.greatfallstribune.com/story/news/local/2015/07/27/hometown-hero-borgreens-passion-helps-kids/30766685/