Everyday Hero Of The Week: Paul Deleon of Fresno, CA

Paul DeLeon, a homeless man living in Fresno, California, intervened to save a woman’s life as her violent ex-boyfriend had beat her unconscious, possibly preventing even her death.

According to ABC 30 Action News of Fresno, Mr. DeLeon spotted the altercation outside of a local liquor store. The man was, he said, “kicking her hard, too, right in the head, and I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing.” Mr. DeLeon sprayed mace into the man’s face and had driven him off.

However, an hour later the man returned, but this time with a gun. The man opened fire and shot Mr. DeLeon in the arm. Mr

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. DeLeon, armed with a gun of his own, scared off the man, who sped away.

Mr. DeLeon’s courage and quick-thinking not only helped a young woman, but possibly even saved her life.

PaulPhoto credit ABC News affiliate KGO