This Week’s Everyday Hero: Ashley Aldridge of Auburn, IL.

Earl Moorman had a Monday that well surpasses the standard doldrum complaints that can be heard around any workplace.

The Morning of September 15th was, for Edward, pretty harrowing.  While crossing the railroad tracks in Auburn, his motorized wheelchair became lodged in the ironwork.  Without the ability to move himself, and with a train on it’s way, all he could do was yell and pray.

Lucky, Ashley Aldridge, 19, who lives nearby, was near an open window while making lunch for her kids.  She heard the Edward’s calls and in her own words, “I didn’t even think, I just ran over.”  She began running just as she heard the train horn sound and saw the do not cross bars lowered.

She reached him just in time.  In in act that for someone of such small stature can be considered nothing short of miraculous, Asheley managed to pull Edward who is 200 pounds, out of his chair just as the train came by, taking the chair right out from behind him.

“The young girl heard me,” said Edward said to CBS affiliate WHBH. “She came over and by the time she did the gates started coming down.”  He later called Aldridge  who he had never previously met his “guardian angel.”

The train had been going 81 Miles and hour, according to police.  The wheelchair was totally destroyed.  Ashley’s act was, to say the least, incredibly impressive; a scene out Dudley Do-Right.

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