Everyday Hero Of The Week: Byron Price of Merced, CA

It was not just another day on the job for, Byron Price, 31, who is being hailed as a hero for preventing an UC – Merced student armed with a hunting knife from possibly killing his intended target.

Price was remodeling a waiting room at the University when he heard a commotion and rushed to check on it. The attack left Price, two students and a school employee wounded, but all were expected to survive.

Price told Fresno news station KSEE-TV that he opened the classroom door at the University of California, Merced, thinking he was going to break up a fistfight. He says those inside shouted at him to run.  Against this advice, Price kicked at the charging attacker and was stabbed in the side, was able to drive himself to the hospital. The assailant was shot and killed by campus police as he fled the building.

“Without him, the first victim could have been a lot worse off, or even dead,” Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke said Thursday.

The attacker burst into a second-floor classroom and used an 8- to 10-inch knife to stab two people around the start of an 8 a.m. class.  Price rushed in, distracted the attacker and got stabbed.

Price’s Father John later said of his son “he doesn’t think he’s done anything,I told him, ‘You have to keep this in perspective. What you did was normal for you. You’ve broken up lots of fights, you’ve been in a lot of fights. What changes a normal act is the intent of a murderous crazy guy with the intent to kill people’.”

Truly Byron price is a hero, and we are honored to help spread of the word of his heroic act

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. He plans to head back to work on campus this week to continue remodeling the waiting room.

See the full story here: http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/breaking/20151105_worker_called_hero_for_facing_california_university_attacker.html?id=341111301