Everyday Hero of the Week: William J. Driscoll of Middleborough, MA

Will J. Driscoll gave real meaning to the term “risking life and limb” when he stopped a run-away SUV from careening into traffic.

William, used his vehicle to push another vehicle off the road, preventing a head-on collision… No you did not misread that. Driscoll said he feels lucky that he was not injured or worse during the incident. But the Stoughton native he said he followed his instincts…

Driscoll was driving a pickup truck to work on Route 44 in Lakeville on Sept. 15, 2014, when an SUV in front of him veered onto the wrong side of the road at 45 miles per hour. Thinking the driver was distracted, Driscoll pulled up next to the vehicle and saw that the was slumped over.

As other vehicles approached in the opposite direction, Driscoll struck Finch’s vehicle with his pickup, taking it off the highway to the shoulder and stopping it against the guide rail. Driscoll jumped from his truck and opened the door of the SUV, making sure it was stopped.  And, Perfect EHF form, he does not want to be called a hero.

“Honestly, it was just instinctual,” said Driscoll, a married father of three. “I saw he was approaching several oncoming cars. I saw it about to happen. I was almost waiting for the accident. Having kids at home and a wife, I would hope someone would do that for my family…. and our first responders, and the military. … I’m definitely not a hero. I was just in the right place at the right time, and tried to do the right thing.”

Driscoll tried to revive the driver, later identified as Jeffrey W. Finch, 46, of Lakeville, but could not. Finch was taken to a hospital.

Instincts for bravery, something we all hope we can create in ourselves.  We are very happy to make William and every day hero.

See the full story at: http://middleborough.wickedlocal.com/article/20151217/NEWS/151216634