Everyday Hero Of The Week: John Dominick of Rapid City, SD

A South Dakota couple had a routine trip to the supermarket turn into an extremely daring date as they saved the life of a fellow Rapid City resident.

John Dominick and his fiancé  Tifani Salwei stopped on their way to the store when Tifani noticed that a house they were passing was engulfed in flames.  They immediately pulled in and realized someone was trapped inside.  John ran out of the car and into the burning building.

“There wasn’t really anything that ran through my head. There was so much adrenaline going at one time. I just knew that I needed to get that gentleman safe.” said Dominick

Dominick saved the 60–year–old resident’s life, and got him out just before his oxygen tank exploded. “When I got him out of the fire, he did look pretty burnt up. He had singed hair and smoke inhalation.  Thank goodness I was wearing lots of layers because I had some scrap metal and glass in my hoodie that basically saved my life.”

With heavy hearts, the engaged couple revisited the charred remains of the home Monday.

Salwei said “You’re really a hero tonight. You saved some guy’s life. And the only thing he could say to me was ‘I’m not a hero. God just put me in the right place at the right time.'”

Dominick said “I don’t think I’m a hero. I just did a natural act of God. I’m one of his children, and I am who I am.”