Everyday Hero Of The Week: Ann Delaney of Swanton, VT

The old idiom about “giving of oneself” usually means time or labor.  But, for Ann Delaney, the definition was much, much more literal.  To save the life of a total stranger, Delaney literally gave a part of her body.

Tonyiel Begnoche was  pregnant with her this child, Kayde, when she learned her son had a blockage in his urethra. His kidneys and bladder were enlarged

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. The mother of three knew it he would need a kidney transplant. That need came quickly.

“They had told us that he would be about 10 to 15 years old before he needed a kidney transplant,” Begnoche said. “He was 30 hours old and they had said we’re rushing him in for emergency surgery.”

Tonyiel made a plea on Facebook for anyone willing to donate for her son, and Delaney was quick to respond.

“If you can save a child, you help. If somebody needs something, you help,” Delaney said.“

Delaney didn’t hesitate going through all the extreme testing to see if she could be an organ donor for little Kayde Trombley. I went through breathing testing, blood (testing). They test you for West Nile. They test you for everything,”

The, last summer, Delaney and Kayde went into surgery and when they woke up, Kayde’s new kidney went right to work.

“When he got that kidney, got that life, he came to life. He’s now that child he was supposed to be,” Begnoche said.

“When you think of a hero, you can’t ask for something more than somebody’s selfless act of giving another person their life,” Begnoche said.

See the full story at: http://www.wptz.com/news/ann-delaney-donates-kidney-to-ailing-toddler/38310430