Everyday Hero Of The Week: Bryan Eisenberg of Honolulu, Hawaii

Bryan Eisenberg, who works in law enforcement for the National Parks Service at the Pacific National Park in Honolulu, played a life-saving role after a tourist helicopter crash at Pearl Harbor.

Within moments after the helicopter crashed into the waters, with the pilot and passengers were trapped inside the sinking aircraft, Mr. Eisenberg, a Rochester, NY native, dove into the waters and into action, knowing time was critical.

He forced open the door and used a knife to cut the seat belts loose of those inside the sinking helicopter.

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. Eisenberg’s quick-thinking and fast actions, all passengers made it to land.

See the full story, and a video of the crash, at http://13wham.com/news/top-stories/pittsford-sutherland-grad-becomes-lifesaver-after-chopper-crash