Everyday Hero Of The Week: Lori Congdon of Bennington, VT

The U.S. today is full of all sorts of Cancer related charities and awareness drives.  But how many people really get involved with those coping with this awful disease?  Outside of the families of patients, very few.  But, one stylist in Bennington, Vermont has taken it upon herself to help people in her community with cancer live happier day-to-day lives by providing one thing everyone undergoing chemotherapy needs: Wigs.

Lori Congdon has turned her Studio 210 Salon into a wig bank and has been providing wigs and fitting and styling services to cancer patients for over three years.  She was given the idea years before she when she used to, in her own words, “do their wig trimmings and fittings for nothing because I did feel like it was a way of paying it forward,”

This practice became even more important to Congdon when she was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma.  This game her serious perspective on the issue and later decided to make it an ongoing and free service when she opened her own salon.

Val Reagan, one local women who Congdon fitted for a wig, described her experience working with Congdon as “encouraging” and “very, very positive.” Val also added that “Lori is just so positive. She’s got a brilliant smile, and just made me feel comfortable,”.

Doing so much to improve the lives of those going through an experience that Lori herself has said can be “very degrading”, and expecting nothing in return, is an incredible service to her community and to the lives of others.   We are very happy to call Lori Congdon an Everyday Hero.

See the full story at: http://www.wptz.com/news/bennington-woman-boosts-cancer-survivors-spirits-with-wigs/38397118