Everyday Hero Of The Week: Jeff Fleiger of Mead, CO

One of the least fun parts of being a school custodian is cleaning up things that come out of kids’ mouths.  But, one school janitor in Colorado is being hailed as a hero for actually adding to this particular headache by saving a student from choking.

Luc Dowen, a third grader at Front Range Elementary school in Mead began choking on a bagel in the school cafeteria when custodian Jeff Fleiger stepped in to help.  According to Luc, “If he wasn’t there, I probably would have died,”

Fleiger, who had taken CPR classes years earlier, had never had a chance to use his training until Luc trusted his (clearly well taught) “get an adult” instinct and ran to tap Fleiger on the back.  Fleiger immediately began the Heimlich maneuver.

The importance of the encounter did not really sink In for Fleiger until the next day.  A few days after the fact he admitted “I didn’t really think it was scary until Friday,” he said. “The next day he (Luc) came up to me and gave me a hug.”  Luc, on the other hand, was immediately grateful.  When asked if he has anything to say to Jeff, Luc replied with a big smile, “Just thank you.”

See the full story at: www.cbsnews.com/news/school-custodian-hailed-a-hero-after-saving-3rd-graders-life/

Jeff Fleiger’s quick thinking may have saved a very young life.  We are very happy to count him as one of our Everyday Heroes.