Everyday Hero Of The Week: Ron Kitts of Puyallup, WA

There are not many people who have had to deal with a vehicle fire while they were driving.  It sounds more like something out of an action movie than anything anyone would have to actually cope with.  But one brave Washington Bus Driver was faced with just such a situation and, rather than fleeing the scene, fought the fire and saved the lives of his passengers.


This sort of story would be pretty amazing no matter who the passengers were.  But the fact that he was saving the lives of eight elementary school kids, all of whom were special-needs children strapped into their seats, makes Ron’s actions extra extraordinary.

“I have two autistic kids and one blind kid,” said Kitts after the events in a NWCN news report.  After fighting the flames with the on-board fire extinguisher and realizing he would not be able to put out the blaze, Kitts moved to evacuate the children as fast as possible. He got everyone off the bus safely, even carrying several children in his arms.

In true Everyday Hero fashion, Ron’s comments were mostly centered on the necessity of his actions, claiming he was simply doing his job.  Most of his praise went to the safety drills drivers and passengers are  required to complete three times a year.  “It’s what I do, it’s my nature,” said Kitts. “You gotta take care of the kids.”

We are honored to recognize Mr. Kitts for his incredible work.

See the full story at: http://www.nwcn.com/news/local/hero-school-bus-driver-says-hes-only-doing-his-job/167877738