On Civic Virtue


Originating in the Ancient Republic of Rome, the word Virtus was initially associated with martial courage on the battlefield. But eventually the term came to denote many different personal virtues that once combined, encapsulated all the characteristics of an ideal citizen. Of all virtues that constituteVirtus, we have adopted three to serve as the pillars upon which the Everyday Hero Foundation is built and will stand: Fortitudo, Moralitas, and Res publica. They mean to us, respectively: Courage, Character, and Community.

Courage ­– As our first and most important virtue, courage stands as the bedrock of this Foundation

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. It is upon this virtue that the other two are built.

Heroism is first and foremost a deed, or an act. It is about swift and selfless action to do what is right. But in order to physically act when duty calls, one must possess that innate sense which spurs one to action: courage.

CharacterCharacter is the ability to judge right from wrong; it is a moral judgment call that compels heroic action. In possession of a strong moral character, Everyday Heroes instinctively recognize when situations demand their action and intervention.

Community – Lastly, Everyday Heroes are motivated by a strong sense of community. They commit heroic deeds not for themselves – indeed, they take great personal risks – but for others. Their selfless patriotism is for their community and country.