The Heroes


#27: Ron Kitts of Puyallup, WA


#26: The Duane Family of Sacramento, CA

#25: Jeff Fleiger of Mead, CO

#24: Lori Congdon of Bennington, VT

#23: Bryan Eisenberg of Honolulu, Hawaii

#22:Ann Delaney of Swanton, VT

#21: Gregory Tyler of Chesterfield County, VA

#20: Chris Lane of Chesterfield, VA

# 19: Rick Biddle of Salinas, CA

#18: Charles Warren of Columbia, SC

#17: William J

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. Driscoll of Middlebrow, MA

#15: Katherine Solver of Poolesville, MD

#14: Everyday Hero Of The Week: Cinnamon Rosa of Tacoma, WA

#13: Bryon Price of Merced, CA

#12: Darell Rose of Orem, UT

#11: Kerri Icovitti of York, ME

#10: Ashley Aldridge of Auburn, IL.c

#9: Keith Williams of St. James, NY

#8: Vincent Zomok of Phoenix, A

#7: Alan law, AKA “Sandwich Man” of Minneapolis, MN

#6: Paul Deleon of Fresno, CA

#5: Chris Ring of the 96th – 89th degrees Longitude, United States.

#4: John Borgreen of Great Falls, MT

#3: Nadirah Muhammad of Detrit, MI

#2: Gul Nabi of Vienna, VA

#1: Ed Brunner of West Seneca, NY