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Everyday Hero(s) Of The Week: Nathan Johnson and Colin McNair of Lenexa, KS

Youth Baseball umpire Andrew Carrillo was mounting his bike after a game in Lexana when disaster struck. He missed his footing and fell into a nearby restaurant window, shattering the plate-glass and falling in heap on the floor. What made the situation truly terrifying was the way he had fallen through the glass. Carrillo’s arm was nearly fully severed from his body after “landing” on a jagged part of the window that did not detach from the pane.

Andrew later described the chilling scene to reporters: “The last thing I remember was just a big boom and I, like, looked at my arm and I thought it was like a dream,” Carrillo said. “Then I pulled my arm out and it was, like, hanging, basically.”
Lucky, Nathan Johnson, who was nearby and heard Carrillo’s scream, rushed to help. Johnson removed his own shirt to use as a tourniquet. By tying the shirt just below Carrillo’s shoulder Johnson was able to reduce the blood flow.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if Nathan wasn’t there, I would have died right there.”
Shortly thereafter Colin McNair, a cook at Callahan’s, the restaurant into which Carrillo had fallen, rushed over with his belt to add to the makeshift shift tourniquet
“You kind of realize at some point, you don’t really have an option,” McNair said. “You really have to just do what you can, and I think once I accepted that, it really became less scary and more about what I could do to help.”

After being rushed to the hospital and receiving treatment Carrillo was told that the two strangers likely saved his arm

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. And, even more importantly, they likely saved his life. Both Johnson and McNair, in true Everyday Hero fashion, are calming that they are not heroes.

“I definitely don’t feel like a hero,” McNair said to a local TV crew, while Johnson said he was just glad to have a new friend. Johnson did not even ask for the return of his shirt! Both men are true Everyday Heroes.
You can find the full story here: Additionally, a GoFundMe page has been set up to cover future surgeries related to Andrew Carrillo’s accident. To contribute, head to